The Main Event

The Funday 2018 was the most successful year we have had since 2010, when we first started. We resurrected the old Carnival and the whole town was out watching or participating, it was brilliant.

The whole committee can not take all the credit for the carnival as it was down to one person on the committee that made it all happen, Colin Jeary. If you watched the carnival or saw our photos on our website, Colin was the front made dressed with a wig on the bike. Colin was so overwhelmed with how the carnival went, and so were we. We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated as well.

Thank you North Walsham for your support.


North Walsham Carnival 2018

In 2018, the North Walsham Funday committee resurrected the North Walsham Carnival, which was a major success, no one had anything bad to say. The whole town came together to support the carnival, both particapating and just by watching.

There was 22 floats in total, this includes the walking floats as well. We had floats from:

  • Sheringham Carnival
  • The North Walsham Funday Queen, King, Prince and Princess
  • North Walsham Roundtable
  • North Walsham Youth Football Club
  • H M Coastguard
  • North Walsham Brownies
  • Zumba with Sarah
  • Swanton Abbott Pre-School
  • North Walsham Community Shop
  • North Walsham Skate Club
  • C2V Club
  • Dance for Fun
  • Rock Buns and Rolling Pins WI
  • Army Cadets
  • North Walsham Town Council
  • Drury’s
  • Blue Ford Mustang

And many more!!


Did you want to join in the the parade? Email us on and we can email you the application form.

Want to help us make a bigger parade, but can’t join, why not donate to us so we can expand our parade, you can even donate a penny, we aren’t asking for much.